Ballet is the basic foundation for most forms of dance. Whatever you learn in ballet, it translates to values that can be used to pursue other forms of dance. The alignment and musicality it requires are only some examples of important qualities in most dance styles.

Ballet shows up in every style of dance whether we like it or not. The more a student studies ballet, the more that student progresses, excels, and flourishes in every other style of dance.

Ballet teaches work ethic, perseverance, dedication, motivation, stamina, flexibility, and strength. Dancers work hard in ballet but the results are worth it.

Following are the Ballet levels we teach at Spotlight:

Beginning Ballet: An introduction to the classical form of dance. Technique learned in the class will help the student gain the proper foundation to all forms of dance.

Ballet I: This class is designed for the student who has previous background in the basics of Ballet. The focus is on strong technical movement.

Ballet II: An intermediate Level for students who want to develop technical and performing abilities.

Ballet III: An intermediate to advance level furthering the development of technical and performing abilities.

Ballet IV: Advanced class for the students who have many years of serious Ballet training.

Pointe: This class is for the student who has a solid foundation in Ballet. Instructors decide when a student is ready to move up to Pointe.

Dress Attire: Students should wear leotards, hair in a bun, and Ballet shoes